Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Manuscript Nearly Finished

My latest book manuscript is nearly finished, and will be complete before the deadline of January 1. I've been on a fairly rigid schedule of research and writing in order to get it done, and it's starting to shape up like a book at last. Of course there will be revisions to do when the editors at Ulysses Press get a chance to go through all of it, but hopefully these will not be extensive and it will stay on schedule for publication in May, 2010.

I will soon be posting a description of the book here, with a summary of the contents. This has been an interesting experience and my research and writing has me longing to get out into the wilderness somewhere - especially out West someplace like the Gila or the Blue Range. I miss the frequent road trips I used to take out there to go backpacking in truly wild country, but alas, even once the book is done, this is not the time of year to head to the high country. Even here in south Mississippi, it has been unusually cold for this early in December - good weather for writing, which is what I need - but not so good for working on the boat or other outside projects.

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